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Melate is Mexico’s national lottery game and one of the longest running and most popular lotteries in Mexico.

Draws take place twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays at around 21:15 local time.

Tickets for the Melate draw cost MXN 15. Players enter Melate by choosing six numbers between 1 and 56, or can choose the Melático option to randomly generate their numbers.

Players can also purchase tickets for the “Revancha” and “Revanchita” games, which cost MXN 10 and MXN 5, respectively. Both games are entered with the originally chosen Melate numbers.


The main “Natural” balls plus the “Adicional” bonus ball are chosen, to win the jackpot by matching all six “Natural” balls. The “Adicional” ball is for the additional eight Melate prize tiers.

Melate has no rollover or jackpot cap, and while the odds of winning are long, jackpots can reach significantly higher sums than the minimum guaranteed win of MXN 30 million.

The highest ever Melate jackpot was MXN 639,666,324, won on August 4, 2013.

Other notable Melate jackpots were won on May 30, 2007, at MXN 406 million, and on June 27, 2010, at MXN 379 million.

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning the Melate jackpot are 1 in 32,468,436. Although these odds are comparable to many lotteries around the world, they usually offer far higher jackpots than Melate.

Melate has nine different prize tiers, but with no fixed payouts other than the guaranteed minimum jackpot.

Prize category Numbers Matched Winning Odds Winning Odds %
1 6 1 in 32,468,436 0.000003
2 5, plus Adicional 1 in 5,411,406 0.00001
3 5 1 in 110,437 0.0009
4 4, plus Adicional 1 in 44,175 0.002
5 4 1 in 1,840 0.054
6 3, plus Adicional 1 in 1,380 0.072
7 3 1 in 88 1.14
8 2, plus Adicional 1 in 117 0.855
9 2 1 in 10 10

Payout and Taxes

All lottery winnings in Mexico are subject to 7% tax. Players entering Melate online from outside Mexico should check if winnings will be subject to further taxation at home. 

Players must claim their Melate prizes within 60 days of the date of the draw, to be made as single payments. 

Who Can Play Melate?

Players in Mexico must be at least 21 years of age to buy lottery tickets.

Melate is open to both Mexican residents and to online players from around the world via lottery agent websites.

In Mexico, ticket sales close one hour before the Melate draw takes place. International online players should purchase their tickets several hours before the draw.

History of Melate

Mexico has a long history of bingo and other betting games, with the first Melate draw taking place in August 1984.

Melate has undergone many changes throughout the years. Initially, players chose 39 numbers rather than 56. The Melate Retro game is still available for players who enjoy the old format of the game. Melate added the “Revancha” game in 1997, plus the “Revanchita” game in 2010.

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